Roof & building envelope solutions

TechniScan is a solutions-oriented company focusing on our clients’ building envelope needs. Since 1991, TechniScan’s role has been to provide a professional, independent, third-party opinion with no outside influences that create a conflict of interest. We are not a contractor nor do we represent a manufacturer. Our experienced professionals can provide the right solution to your needs.


Roof Consulting


Our roof consulting services are broken out into three major categories: 1) Roof Condition Surveys – a knowledgeable visual assessment with no vested interest in the outcome allowing owners and property manager to accurately budget their reserves for capital improvements; 2) Reroof Design and Construction Phase Services – comprehensive specifications and drawings/details with a fair bidding process, observation and reporting of contractor’s work with a teamwork approach for all stakeholders; and 3) Roof Management Program – ongoing part of client’s team to maintain roof assets.

Scan Technology & Diagnostics


Through the use of conductance scanners, infrared thermal imaging, gravimetric analysis, dataloggers and boroscopes, we are able to provide our clients with detailed information about the condition of their structures. Through the use of non-destructive diagnostic procedures, TechniScan has the unique ability to provide detailed analysis of roof and building envelope systems. These testing services can identify root causes for component or system deficiencies and failures. As a third-party, independent provider of investigation services, TechniScan offers a non-biased analysis of system components to identify source and severity of issues.

Remediation Design


TechniScan’s remediation design process accurately and appropriately addresses damage by investigating current conditions and following up with the design, bidding (if necessary) and construction phase services for proper repair of the issue. With TechniScan’s expertise and a full understanding of the client’s situation, we can provide the creative “best fit” solution not the cookie cutter option.

Third-Party Review


TechniScan’s third-party review services support architects, contractors and developers

and can lead to successful project completion. Construction document review identifies proper detailing to help avoid future problems. On-site observation during construction can flag potential issues reducing potential complications after project completion.