Roof Consulting


buy clomid medication TechniScan’s role in the industry since 1991 has been to provide a professional, independent, third-party opinion with no outside influences that create a conflict of interest. We are not a contractor nor do we represent a manufacturer. Our field-trained professionals and experienced architects can provide the right solution to your needs.

source url Our Roof Consulting Services are broken out into three major categories: Roof Conditions Surveys, Roof Design and Construction Observation and Roof Management Program.

Roof Condition Surveys
  • Knowledgeable visual assessments with no vested interest in the outcome
  • Perform non-destructive testing if requested
  • Thorough Condition Surveys lead to accurate budgets
  • Reliable reports allow owners and property managers to accurately budget their reserves for capital improvements
Roof Design and Construction Observation
  • Comprehensive specifications and drawings/details with a fair bidding process
  • Construction observation services
  • Teamwork approach between Owner, Contractor and TechniScan
Roof Management Program
  • Assess roof on a yearly basis, alerting when major work is required soon
  • Leak Management Program – Identify, track and oversee repairs of roof leaks
  • Complete Roof Management Program – part of client’s team to maintain roofs in whatever manner deemed necessary
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