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Building Envelope Consulting With our staff of highly qualified professional architects and building consultants, TechniScan offers a full scope of services to building owners, developers, facilitators, property managers, architects, contractors and roofers. TechniScan is built on a foundation of architectural experience in the design and renovation of building systems. TechniScan has the unique ability, through the use of non-destructive diagnostic technologies, to provide detailed analysis of building facades, roofing systems, curtain walls, windows and parking structures. Our team of highly qualified and specialized professional architects provides the client with detailed information such as analysis of existing general conditions, recommended actions and budgetary cost scope. Construction documents for repair or replacement of building components and systems developed by our professional staff help ensure proper design and competitive pricing during the bid phase. TechniScan acts as the owner’s representative and liaison through our quality assurance monitoring during construction. Through our professional facilities assessment, convenient and concise delivery of information, development of complete construction documents and quality assurance, our team enables the owner/owner’s representative to be assured that expenditures are necessary and effective.

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